The picture in the frame


Today, Ive found out family is one of the misunderstood concept of life. Being in the picture on the frame is a fake. Having a beautiful moment just for a while. Its never remain forever. It is not to be memorable. 

I never wish to be born into this family. I never regret to be part of it nor to have them. But somehow the feeling is getting less by day. The person that very important to anyone in this world, should be important. Don’t choose anyone. Don’t choose for anyone just because they makes you laugh and makes you happy. 


34 Cafes to Visit in Ipoh

Good tips for cafe lover! ❤

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The cafe scene in Ipoh is more vibrant than ever, with all sorts of new boutique cafes or hipster cafes popping out so fast that it’s hard to keep track.  In the beginning of 2012, there were barely 10 cafes in Ipoh to do a Top 10 List and now at the beginning of 2014, there are more than 30 cafes to sample.  The cafes never fail to amaze me with their individualistic, sometimes themed interior decoration such as Parisian, child’s play, Korean, nostalgia, vintage and heritage.  Some cafes have amusingly incorporated spa, hair saloon, DIY classes, ukulele lessons, art gallery, custom bikes or politics, serving more than just coffee and cakes.  

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Ramai pekerja Malaysia rancang berhenti kerja

Ramai pekerja Malaysia rancang berhenti kerja.

Baru-baru ni, aku ada tanya salah satu bos aku untuk jadi reference ak. Dia seorang doktor psychologist.

Dan mungkin aku silap tanya orang =.=

Anyway, she asked me again why suddenly. Aku cuba nak mengelak dari bercerita pasal ofis dan kerja. Tapi ofis ni having unhealthy environment.

But I have to tell her what is going on in the office. I might afraid she heard from someone and I tell her to listen and feel what we have feel here.

Banyak turnover. Kalau dorang kluarkan statistics turnover since The Office nie established until now, it might be surprise.